London’s Calling: What you told us you wanted…

London’s Calling: Attend Survey Results

Did we meet your objectives?

98% Strongly agreed or agreed their objectives were met

What was your primary Objective?
How was your Ticket funded?

Did we have the right format for the event?

98% said they either strongly agreed or agreed that it was great as a 1 day event.

How did you rate our sessions?

98% strongly agreed or agreed quality of the sessions was high

London’s Calling 2017 Sponsors

Did you have a favourite session?

What did you like about London’s Calling?

How could we make London’s Calling 2017 even better?

A few of my other favourite tweets

See you on the 10th Feb!



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Kerry Townsend

Kerry Townsend

Salesforce Trailblazer, speaker, marketer. @LDNsCall @SurfForce & MC UG Co-organiser. SF Certified. Passionate about life, tech & dance. MacMillan #CancerVoice.