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Is your next certification Salesforce B2C Solution Architect?

About the B2C Solution Architect Certification

If you are a Solution Architect working in the Salesforce space, then hopefully it will not be news to you that Salesforce launched a new certification in Dec ’20, the B2C Solution Architect. This is designed to recognise the skill of those who are responsible for designing and implementing B2C multi-cloud solutions using Service Cloud, Marketing Cloud and Commerce Cloud.

B2C Solution Architect Certification Pyramid

Until this point, all architect certifications have focused purely on core Salesforce (Sales/ Service/ Experience cloud etc) with the climax being Certified Technical Architect. This new certification, along with the planned B2B certification, gives a learning path and recognition for those that have a mastery of the core technology, but also multi-cloud solutioning, in this case with Marketing and Commerce Cloud. Both have come from acquisition and have different underlying architectures. A combined solution requires a use case specific level of customisation and development to fully unleash the return on investment.

This certification is aimed at architects, or those who are on the architect path, who have practical experience. These will be people that are responsible for architecture at Salesforce customers, who have the different clouds, or those who design and implement solutions at Consulting Partners.

This certification path is the next logical step for me with the B2C multi-cloud experience I have.

Are you interested in joining a study group?

We all know it is easier to prepare for an exam if you have a buddy or are part of a study group. For this reason, I will be running a small closed study group, over a 12 week period, and I am looking for people to join me who have the practical multi-cloud experience and already have the prerequisite certifications. The aim of the group is to keep each other on track with weekly learning to fill in the gaps in our knowledge and share our experiences.

I am delighted to say that I have support from Salesforce for the group. They are going to provide content each week in line with the certification syllabus which is brilliant.

To give this cohort the best chance of succeeding and progressing to pass the exam, the group will be relatively small at a maximum of 16. We may end up with less, it is more important that those who take part have the multi-cloud practical experience, they are operating at an architect level and are willing to commit to attending all the sessions. If this is you, and you committed to getting certified, please consider applying, using the form below.

The Practicalities

Below’s a summary of who we are looking for, the commitment we are expecting and what you will get.

Who should apply?

This is a call for people who:

Priority will be given to people who meet these above criteria, in particular, the prerequisite certifications and the hand-on experience.

What’s the commitment?

The group will run over 12 weeks starting the week beginning the 22nd Feb ’21. The session will be held in the afternoon (GMT). You will need to be able to dedicate 5–7 hours a week, to attend the sessions and complete the self-paced learning homework. A notable proportion of the value of a group like this, is in the discussion, connections and sharing experiences, so each participant will be expected to attend all the sessions and actively participate with their camera on.

I appreciate this is a significant commitment but taking a place and not attending has an impact on the rest of the group. To make this interactive and support the development of the soft skills needed by architects each participant will be asked to lead/ co-lead one of the interactive sessions that will be based on the theme of the week. Which means in that week, there will be the additional task of planning the session.

What will you get?

You will get:

How to Apply

If you have read the above and are still interested in participating in the group, please complete the form below. The form will be available until 9am GMT on the 15th Feb ’21. Invitations to join the group will be sent out on or before the 17th Feb ’21 and participants will be asked to confirm by the 21st Feb 21. The program of sessions are planned to start the week beginning the 22nd Feb ’21, kicking off with an orientation session.

Apply Here

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