• Vamsi Krishna

    Vamsi Krishna

    Always a Coder;

  • Caio Sabra

    Caio Sabra

    Product Manager

  • pete dirksen

    pete dirksen

    On poker, gadgets, technology, and other random life musings….

  • Keir Bowden

    Keir Bowden

    CTO at BrightGen, author Visualforce Development Cookbook, multi Salesforce Developer MVP. Salesforce Certified Technical Architect. I am the one who codes.

  • Atul Gupta

    Atul Gupta

    CloudVandana Founder, 2X Salesforce MVP, Addict, Workaholic, Motivator, Perfectionist, Dreamer, Restless.

  • Chris Duarte

    Chris Duarte

    Team Trailhead at @salesforce, thoughts here are my own.

  • Ashwin Jangam

    Ashwin Jangam

    I live and breathe @Salesforce @Forcedotcom. I am Certified Salesforce Dev.401.

  • Zachary Jeans

    Zachary Jeans

    Facilitating conversations around Salesforce, Leadership, and Travel, with a passion for NonProfits.

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